Beyond COVID-19

Are you unsure what COVID-19 and our recent lockdown will mean in the Canterbury property market?

Are you, or is someone you know, thinking of selling?
Has your job, income, business or property portfolio been affected?

I have spent the last three weeks like many of us in lockdown.
Apart from enjoying some family time, a local bike ride and the read of a good book or three, I have also immersed myself in what effect COVID-19 will have on our market place. 

I have spoken to and studied numerous reports from industry insiders and looked at my own real estate experiences from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.


What does post lockdown look like for Canterbury?

 In my opinion, we will see a possible surge of listings coming to the market soon after lockdown. There have been several weeks of pent-up seller and buyer demand and this will be bursting to enter the market.  We feel that those looking to sell may see some solid results and buyer activity as this initial wave of demand hits the market.  As time goes on the marketplace will become harder to assess, and the true effects of the lockdown and COVID-19 will be felt.

We have to accept there will be headwinds for our local and national economy. I hope and I feel Canterbury is as well placed as any NZ region during this time. Canterbury has a well-diversified local economy, new and expanding infrastructure and most importantly affordable house values in comparison to a majority of NZ.

It is possible we will see strong internal migration back into the major cities; this will be made up from those regions that are based around tourism, and ex-pat Kiwis returning home. Interest rates are at record lows and many investors will potentially pull their funds from shares and other riskier investments and invest back into solid “bricks and mortar”.  It will not be plain sailing and we acknowledge there will be sellers who will go to market in a distressed state.


So how can we help?

Connection, Creativity and Community.
Established in 2007 I have navigated my Real Estate business, my clients and their homes through some very difficult times. 
The 2008 GFC the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury quakes, phew what a period in history that was!  Each time I learnt, grew and developed, and the team and I  at BlueSky Real Estate will do the same again.

What common factor did I see as success during these events?|
Those clients whom were proactive, got ahead of the market and made smart, informed decisions that were based on solid real estate advice achieved the best result!


What can BlueSky do for you?

We wish to launch our three Cs programme: Connection, Creativity and Community.


Talk to us and tell us your circumstances and needs.
We will develop and tailor a marketing plan and a commission schedule to suit you, your situation, your property, and your budget. 
This is not a time for a one size fits all Real Estate experience. 


We have invested heavily in technology and this will be of great benefit as we navigate Levels 4, 3 and 2.
Video walkthroughs, 3D floor plans, premium website exposure, and online file downloads make up a small but increasingly important part of what we can offer.  Under level 3 we will move to appointment-based viewings and our COVID-19 health and safety strategy will be in place and in force.  

We have planned and we are prepared and we will create the best strategy for success.


Lastly but most importantly I’d like to acknowledge the community. 
Times will be tough for so many; therefore on any completed sale, I will be donating a $175 food basket to the Christchurch City Mission. 
Our approach is simple... support our clients, support our city, and we will all get through these challenging times... it’s real estate done better together. 

If you or someone you know is thinking of selling or wanting a free market appraisal, some friendly advice, or just a chat - call any time.